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EDUC2400 - Multicultural Education & ESL Education, Fall 2007

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Multicultural Education

Multicultural Education & ESL Education

Shirley Sung Davis, Ph.D.

Elementary Education
Dixie State College

Course Structure: Hour and a half long classes - once a week

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Course Description

For students interested in learning foundational aspects of multi-cultural issues and initiatives in English as a Second Language. This class serves as a general interest elective in diversity, and as a prerequisite course for admission to the DSC elementary education program. Additionally, the class is the first in a series of course work leading to the State ESL endorsement to the Utah education license. Lectures, discussion, projects, guest speakers and a lab are among the instructional modalities. Upon completion of the course, students will have a basic understanding of the theoretical and foundational underpinnings of multi-cultural education and ESL, better equipping them to accommodate diversity in classrooms.
Prerequisites: Is a prerequisite for admittance to the Dixie State College Elementary Education program.3 lecture hours per week which include field experiences.

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